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Our service includes organising your paper works for immigration and for the Universities. We will provide you the requirement for your visa application and also the requirement for the University you are applying for. If require we will find you accommodation and help you setup in UK, USA or Canada. Our aim is to support you all the way to your university and get you settled in your new life.

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Other Services

Our team of solicitors will cross check your paper for immigration. Suggest you changes you need. If they are not happy with the papers provide they will let you know and ask for changes.

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We will help you suggest the right university and the right course for your future . If you have an outstanding results we will send your papers for Scholarship and Tuition discount.

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Most Frequent Question People Ask us.

Although HOME OFFICE (UK) do not need any IELTS/English Test, however every university now actively look for good IELTS or Similar English language test results.

If you have already paid your full tuition fees then you have to show money for your accommodation and other basic maintenance while you are studying in the UK or USA. For example If you are going to London, as per UKBA You will need to show £1,334 for each month, or part of a month, of your course for a maximum of nine months. The maximum amount you will need for your living costs is £12,006. For Canada its $10,000 Per year. And extra if your family accompanying you.

Processing time may vary between 3 to 12 weeks. However it may vary with individual case based on the paper supplied and if there are any farther complications.

The cost may vary based on where you will live. For example, with rent and food it may cost between London : £800-£1200. Torronto : $2000-$2500 New York : $3000 – $3500 . However, there are approximate costs and living minimally. This costs may be in reality more but no less.

It is based on your results and field of study you are going to take.

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